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Scottish Maritime Museum's new exhibition uncovers the social life of the shipyard worker

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The Scottish Maritime Museum dives below the grit and grind of shipbuilding to reveal the social life which helped maintain morale in the shipyards in the Summer Exhibition. ‘Shipyard Social’, which goes on show in the Linthouse on Irvine Harbourside on Saturday, June 8, explores the social side of life in the shipyards of Glasgow, Clydebank and Dumbarton between the 1930s and the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-in of 1971 - 1973.Looking close to home, the exhibition draws on the social life at two shipyards - Alexander Stephen & Sons of Govan and the world-famous William Denny & Sons.

Today, Alexander Stephen & Sons’ Linthouse Engine Shed houses the Museum in Irvine and the site of the former Denny shipyard is home to the Museum’s collection in Dumbarton.

Exhibition highlights drawn from the Museum's recognised collection of shipbuilding artefacts include the 'Denny Arkivz'.Created by the Drawing Office staff at the Denny shipyard, this large scrapbook charts social events enjoyed by staff working there from 1889 to around 1950.

Launch day was a special day in the shipyard calendar. A special display of rare tickets, beautiful brochures and photographs, marks the centenary of the launch of one of the world’s most famous liners, RMS Queen Mary, at John Brown & Company.

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