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‘Pretty in Pink’ star Jon Cryer sheds light on feud with co-star Andrew McCarthy

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Turns out there wasn’t a whole lot of prettiness behind the scenes of one famous movie filmed during the prominent “Brat Pack” era.Jon Cryer, who starred in the 1986 film “Pretty in Pink,” revealed that he and co-star Andrew McCarthy did not get along off-camera.

McCarthy has assembled several members of the group, including Cryer, to appear in his upcoming documentary “Brats,” which examines the significance of the “Brat Pack.”McCarthy, along with several other budding actors in the ’80s, like Cryer, Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, were dubbed the “Brat Pack,” a group of young actors that frequently collaborated in films like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.”“When we had done ‘Pretty in Pink’ together, we did not get along because he was a d—,” Cryer said of McCarthy during a Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival, as reported by People magazine.“That’s very true,” McCarthy admitted.

The two men both yearned for Molly Ringwald’s character, Andie, in the flick.“Well I didn’t think he was a d—,” Demi Moore, who starred in “No Small Affair” with Cryer and “St.

Elmo’s Fire” with McCarthy.“Well he wasn’t a d— to you,” Cryer retorted.The men did not rectify their relationship until 2012, when they spoke in the greenroom of “The View” and McCarthy apologized.“It was a lovely moment,” Cryer said of their reunion. “But it was lovely because it was like within a moment, it was just so clear that we were teenagers and that does not, that in no way defines who we are now, and it was just so lovely.

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