Rose Byrne Sheila Rubin county San Diego Rose Byrne Sheila Rubin county San Diego

‘Physical’: A Bold, Brilliant & Deeply Empathetic Reimagining Of The Female Antihero [Review]

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In Apple TV+’s deliciously dark comedy “Physical,” central protagonist Sheila Rubin, played brilliantly and compassionately by Rose Byrne, transforms from a San Diego housewife trying to make ends meet to the head of an incredibly lucrative and influential video aerobics empire.

In the process, viewers meet two versions of Sheila, the first is a gorgeous, spandex-clad instructor with a gleaming white smile and an affect so enthusiastic it seems almost impenetrable, and the second is a deeply traumatized and self-critical housewife who struggles with incredibly low self-esteem and a terrible body image.

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