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Britain's Got Talent daredevil Jonathan Goodwin paralysed after stunt goes wrong
Britain's Got Talent's daredevil Jonathan Goodwin has been left paralysed and in a wheelchair for life after a dangerous stunt went wrong, his fiancée has revealed.The escapologist, who reached the final of the talent show in 2019, was attempting escape from a straight jacket while hung upside down 30ft in the air in between two suspended cars - and was crushed between them.The timing was misjudged and the cars were released too early, causing him to be crushed between them as they caught on fire and then fall 30 ft.Johnathan suffered horrific injuries including suffering third-degree burns, breaking his spine, severing his spinal cord, breaking both shoulder blades, and shattering both legs.His fiancé, Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, 48, discussed the accident on the Out To Lunch podcast with Jay Rayner, saying: "He's paralysed now he's in a wheelchair. Unless there's a kind of stem cell surgery or that thing that Elon Musk is designing with the little chip, he'll be like that forever."Amanda explained Jonathan has remained "positive and upbeat and so strong" despite suffering his life-changing injuries.She said: "His courage and his strength is something that I just aspire to be like."He's just incredible, honestly, like so happy, just like a very happy, positive human being, just liquid sunshine.