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Marilyn Manson Sentenced to Community Service & Fined for Spitting & Blowing His Nose on Concert Photographer

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Marilyn Manson has been sentenced for inappropriate behavior at one of his concerts in 2019. The 54-year-old musician appeared in court in New Hampshire on Monday (September 18), where a judge assigned his punishment for spitting and blowing his nose on Susan Fountain, who was photographing his show. Keep reading to find out more… According to BBC, Marilyn will serve 20 hours of community service.

He was also fined $1,400. He pled no contest to the charges brought against him. However, a police report contained information about the incident.

There was also visual evidence. The singer is said to have approached Susan twice. The first time he spat a “big lougee.” He then blew a “significant amount of mucus” on her. Marilyn reportedly proceeded to “point and laugh.” Marilyn can complete his community service in California and told reporters that he would like to help “people in recovery.” He has until February 4, 2024 to get it done.

While he did not issue a statement in court, Susan did, saying that she had “never been humiliated or treated like I was by this defendant.” She continued, saying “”For him to spit on me and blow his nose on me was the most disgusting thing a human being has ever done.” Marilyn has also been accused of sexual abuse by the likes of Evan Rachel Wood.

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