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Man who died and saw 'brilliant light' reveals what else was on other side

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It's a question that's been around since the beginning of time – what happens when we die? Philosophers and us ordinary folk have debated the matter constantly.

And while some think life ends as soon as your heart stops beating, others are convinced there's an afterlife.If you do believe life goes on, you'll probably be interested in hearing about one man's experience.

In an illuminating online thread, he recalls what happened when he was brought back to life in hospital. The conversation was sparked on Reddit, when someone asked the question: "Redditors who have died then been resuscitated, what do you remember seeing?

I've always been curious. Also, if anyone has any stories about how this changed their perception on religion, please share."In response, the user replied: "As cliche as it may seem, I saw a brilliant light, and walked into it.

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