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Prince William's rarely-used title that gives him access to £1.2billion fortune

The Prince of Wales has seen many changes to his official title over the years and currently holds a style which links him to centuries of royal history and tradition. Prince William became the 27th Prince of Wales following Queen Elizabeth II's death and was granted the additional titles of the Duke of Cornwall, the Earl of Chester, the Duke of Rothesay, the Earl of Carrick, the Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. Prince William also inherited the vast private estate of the Duchy of Cornwall which was established by King Edward III in 1337 for his son, Prince Edward, the Black Prince.

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Danny Dyer secretly related to Alexander Armstrong, claims co-star Richard Osman
Danny Dyer and Pointless host Alexander Armstrong share a surprising familial connection.Following both stars appearing on Who Do You Think You Are?, it has been pointed out that the respective household names are in fact related and share royal blood.The EastEnders star, 44, discovered he was a descendant of King Edward III on the BBC One series.And Alexander, 52, found William The Conqueror in his family tree.Now his sidekick Richard Osman, 51, has worked out that the two celebrities are “family” – as Edward III is the sixth great-grandson of William.Richard said: "Well, Danny Dyer is descended from King Edward III, so that means Xander must be related to Danny."The shocking reveal comes as Danny prepares to leave EastEnders after nine years.In January, the actor confirmed he would be leaving Albert Square later this year.He later teased his character Mick Carter will leave Walford in a "huge" and "epic" storyline during an appearance on BBC Radio 2's Breakfast Show in March.Speaking on his own podcast Sorted with the Dyers, Danny further explained his EastEnders exit.He said: "I've been contemplating a while now about whether time to roll the dice, take the leap."The news is that I've not decided to renew my contract, that's all, it's not because I've fell out with anybody, that job has been amazing for me."I love everybody, it's an important part of television."Alexander is also preparing for a career shift, as he will soon be appointed a new Pointless co-star.The move follows his colleague of 13 years Richard Osman stepping down from the BBC quiz show last month.While Richard will still appear on the show's celebrity specials, he has exited the regular episodes to dedicate more time to his novel-writing career.For