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Princess Diana's home will be inherited by actor – not Prince William or Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry may be in line for the throne, but there's one thing they'll never inherit - their mother Princess Diana's childhood home.The Althorp Estate, which has been in the Spencer family since 1508, will instead go to their cousin Louis, son of Earl Spencer, Diana's brother Charles. Despite having three older sisters, 30-year-old Viscount Althorp, Louis, will inherit the estate due to the aristocracy's system of primogeniture, where titles are passed down to the oldest boy, not the firstborn child.The sprawling 13,500-acre estate is where Diana spent her childhood and was laid to rest after her tragic death in 1997.

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Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer reveals daughter's incredible surprise gift
Charles Spencer is a doting father-of-seven, recently disclosing why he was proud of his youngest daughter, Charlotte Diana, who is 11 years old.In a fascinating moment on his new podcast, Rabbit Hole Detectives, which he presents alongside the Reverend Richard Coles and historian Dr Cat Jarman, the Earl revealed the sweet gift one of his older daughters received from a Hollywood star, shortly after being born!During a discussion about baptismal fonts in christenings, he shared that actress Melanie Griffith sent his daughter a special gift in a heart-warming gesture.WATCH: Charles Spencer's family home revealedThe author said: "A very long time ago, I can date it to about 30-odd years ago, I went to interview Melanie Griffith and I mentioned that we'd just had a daughter, and she sent her a spoon, a silver spoon as a gift".While Charles didn't specify which of his children he was talking about, his eldest, Lady Kitty Spencer, is 32, so she may well have been the lucky recipient.His twin daughters Amelia and Eliza, meanwhile, are 30, while Lara is 16. Charles' son and heir apparent Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp is 28 and young Edmund will turn 20 later this year.