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Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar announced a huge tour. Get tickets today

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Weezer‘s very first gig was opening for Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar at a “dumpy” Los Angeles club called Rodiges.Thirty-two long years later, both groups are back on the road and playing much bigger venues.

However, one doesn’t need to be a rock snob to know that they took relatively different paths to headliner status.In Weezer’s case, Rivers Cuomo and co.

tirelessly released music and toured. As for Dogstar, Keanu and the band took a 20-year hiatus (!) before gigging all over North America last year in support of their 2023 album ‘‘Somewhere Between The Power Lines and Palm Trees.”With the success of that run, Dogstar — as hinted at above — is back at it again this summer.

From July through August, the three-piece outfit will play venues all over North America.As of now, the only New York gig they have booked is at Waterloo’s del Lago Resort & Casino on Sunday, Aug.

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