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Jason Momoa lookalike’s date warning: ‘Don’t lie about your age — elbows give you away’

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“Aquaman” actor, lets potential suitors know he has particular standards and is not letting up.The 40-year-old man is looking for a woman who “shaves her eyebrows then draws it back again,” and who also has photos holding a dead fish and skydiving pics with her mouth stretched open, according to Kennedy News and Media.Although many women were quick to swipe right on the chiseled man, they began to regret it after seeing his lengthy list of dating requirements.James wants a woman who identifies as sapiosexual, finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.And his “ideal candidate” is a registered nurse with an electrocardiogram tattoo who doesn’t fib about their birth year.“Pls don’t lie about your age, your elbows will tell the truth,” he pleaded on the app,The long-haired man’s dating profile went viral on a Facebook post, captioned “Jason Momoa may not be single, but the Great Value™ version is,” which accumulated more than 820 comments, reported Kennedy News.Many candidates were perplexed by the odd elbow threat, wondering how can he tell.“Watch out, here comes the elbows inspector,” quipped one person.“That reminds me…time to book my monthly elbow botox appointment,” added another.One annoyed commenter questioned, “What the hell since when I gotta be worried about my damn ELBOWS.”However, the outrageous rules turned on a few women.“This is clearly satire lol.

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