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"I was saying wake up, it’s baby day, but Tom didn’t respond. When I touched him, he was cold and stiff"

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“I was saying ‘wake up, it’s baby day’. Tom didn’t respond, so I went over to the couch to give him a kiss. He was lying in his usual sleeping position.

When I touched him, he was cold and stiff. He wouldn’t wake up.” Mum Rebecca Moss fought tears as she described the horrifying moment she found her husband unresponsive on the sofa — the morning she was to give birth to their daughter, Harper.

Rebecca told of how she called 999, pulled her partner, Tom Gibson, to the floor and started trying to resuscitate him. But it was too late.

Tom, aged just 40, had died from a sudden cardiac death. Less than two weeks earlier, Tom had been in A&E for 12 hours suffering with a stomach bug – where two heart tests had been taken that showed a ‘complete heart block’, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

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