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‘I Love My Dad’ director: Yep, my father really did catfish me by pretending to be a hot girl

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your family was nuts.In “I Love My Dad,” comic Patton Oswalt plays an estranged father who makes some wildly bad decisions in his quest to reconnect with his son.While Oswalt’s previous work includes performing a song called “The Cringe” on an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” that pales next to the (intentional) cringe factor of this role.

His Chuck catfishes his son, Franklin, by creating a fake Facebook profile of a hot woman with a crush on him. Things go way too far — like, full-on sexting — before Franklin discovers the excruciating truth.Cringiest of all?

The director, writer and portrayer of Franklin, James Morosini, now 32, based the story on his real-life experience.“My dad and I got into a big fight and I decided to cut him out of my life,” Morosini told The Post of an incident when he was 20. “I blocked him on social media.

He was really worried about me, but I wouldn’t talk with him. Then one day, I met this really pretty girl online, and she seemed awesome and had all these amazing pictures and the same interests as me.

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