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How to Find an Abortion Clinic Near You

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. Just because abortion is no longer a constitutionally protected right does not mean that people have stopped or will stop needing abortions.

In the wake of the decision, laws in nearly half of all states have been changing rapidly: some have outright bans that went into effect immediately, some have bans set to go into effect in a number of days or months, and some have bans that have been blocked or may resume.If you need an abortion and are unsure where to turn, there are still resources available who will help you access the care you need.

updates their database of which states have clinics open and performing abortions and which have banned or restricted abortion access.Rachel Fey, Vice President of Policy and Strategic Partnerships at Power to Decide notes that the state that is the closest geographically may not be the most convenient to the person seeking the abortion.

You may have relatives in another state, or the closest state may not be able to provide you with the most appropriate care.Another valuable resource for finding clinics is , which allows abortion-seekers to search by zip code.“The site includes a comprehensive directory of abortion clinics, as well as information about abortion funds, practical support for getting to and from an appointment, and what restrictions you’ll have to deal with in your state,” says Jay Thibodeau of Abortion Care Network. “They don't collect or save any user information, so it's private, and the site is available in English and Spanish.

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