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He was the third to die - the very next day, kids like him were back doing the same thing

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On a sweltering summer's day in 2022, Jamie Lewin and four of his mates made their way to Appley Bridge. It was the early evening of July 9, with temperatures still hovering around 20C.

The lads were seeking some respite from the heat - East Quarry had become a hotspot for teenagers. The group hopped on a train from Southport, where 16-year-old Jamie lived, before climbing the site's boundary fence.

Like countless others that summer, they navigated down the steep bank towards the cliff-edge. READ MORE: Peter Kay came out of retirement to raise money for her treatment - her death has been met with another touching gesture Despite being a "poor swimmer at best", Jamie followed his mate into the water-filled quarry.

Less than two metres from the shore, he found himself in trouble. His friend in the water frantically tried to pull Jamie to safety.

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