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Free E-sports tournament at The Edge Arena, Wigan with chance to win a PS5

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Online gaming can sometimes be a great way to step out of the real world and relax for a while. Now, competitive gaming is becoming a popular way to connect with people who have similar interests, as e-sports tournaments are a great way to meet more people in your local community.

Victory Gaming is a vibrant and inclusive group of gamers who come together to share their love of video games and faith. Aiming to create a welcoming, safe and uplifting space for everyone to feel included and valued, the community believes that gaming and fellowship can build meaningful connections.

With passionate and supportive members, Victory Gaming in partnership with Way Youth, aims to help foster personal growth and have a positive impact on the world around it, through healthy competition.

Emphasising the fun and community spirit that online gaming can bring, the community welcomes everyone from casual gamers to seasoned pros.

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