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Emily Ratajkowski feared career was over after nude photo leak: 'It was horrible'

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Emily Ratajkowski is speaking out about how "traumatizing" it was for her to have her personal nude photos leaked in 2014. The model, speaking on her podcast, "High Low," made an entire episode titled "Should I Start an OnlyFans?" In that conversation, she spoke about how little control she felt she had over her own body after her private photos were shared online. "I thought my career was over," she said. "It was at a point where I really wanted to be a serious actress, and everyone was telling me that I'd been photographed naked so much that it was gonna be hard for people to take me seriously." "And there was a lot of conversation that these photos had been leaked intentionally, a lot of slut-shaming.

And they were extremely intimate photos; they were intended for someone that I was in love with. And it was horrible. I can't tell you." Ratajkowski also said, "It was one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life.

I lost a patch of hair the week it happened." The photo leak wasn't the only time she's had images of her shared without her permission. "I've had books of photos of me sold without my consent, I've had people profit off of my image—usually men—and I've got no cut off it; actually, a lot of the times it's cost me money." She's paid to hire lawyers to get the illegally obtained nude photos taken down from the internet, and she's also bought art pieces of herself that were made without her consent.

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