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Eastenders fans shocked after they 'suss out' who leaked Stacey's X-rated pics

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Eastenders fans believe they've worked out who leaked Stacey Slater's X-rated pictures from her cam account.It comes as she revealed her face on one of the snaps uploaded to a site dubbed Secret Cam, which sees users upload modelling shots as well as adult content.She decided to take the plunge and sell X-rated pictures after Freddie Slater revealed pictures he was posting online, even of just his feet, were getting him a lot of money reports the Mirror.Soon after Stacey racked up quite a following, while one user in particular kept offering her more money for particular requests, and asked her to show her face.Reluctantly, Stacey eventually gave in and showed her face.Unfortunately for Stacey, someone abused the service, exposing her identity and subsequently the raunchy photo was spread about.Her young daughter Lily was left mortified as the whole school was discussing the snaps and when Stacey visited the school over Lily's bullying, she quickly found out what had happened.Whilst the identity of who leaked the pictures remains unknown, fans think the persistent user wanting to see Stacey's face had an agenda.And now, fans are questioning if someone may be out to get Stacey, and whether it's someone from the show's present or past.

Taking to Twitter, fans began to speculate over their identity and whether a revenge plan is in motion.Fans have guessed Ruby Allen, Stacey's former friend turned love rival and enemy, may be targeting her after her arrest in 2021 and her split from Martin Fowler - leading to her exit from Walford.One viewer said: "It will 100 percent be someone on the square...

or maybe Ruby out for some kind of vengeance."A second asked: "Is it someone from Stacey’s past?" as a third tweeted: ".Could this

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