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Confidence Man share ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’ and talk ’90s rave-inspired new album ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’: “It’s bonkers – it’s off the walls”

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Confidence Man have confirmed details of their third album ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’ with electrifying lead single ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’.

Check it out below along with our interview with the Australian duo.Set for release on October 18, the album leans heavily on dance music influences, bottling the energy of the UK rave scene that has gripped Confidence Man, following their move to London last year.Speaking exclusively to NME, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones described how the pathway to this new album presented itself clearly. “It just made sense to hone in on these ’90s rave sounds and put pop vocals over the top, which isn’t really something that’s happened in the past, I guess,” said Janet.“Everything started here”, she continued, speaking about how their move to the capital got the ball rolling last spring. “The whole album is very London-inspired, the sounds and the lyrics.

It’s [about] a group of friends moving over to London and not knowing what the fuck is going on – just the general excitement of being in a new place.”Somewhat of a mission statement for the album, ‘I CAN’T LOSE YOU’ sees Confidence Man embark into new sonic territory, dictated by a pulsating, underlying house beat. “That song started happening at 3am, after hours and hours of nonsense,” Sugar explained.“We had this great system going where we’d have a big party night, just the three of us in the studio”, he explained, referring to veiled member and producer Reggie Goodchild.

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