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Christina Applegate Says She’s “Trapped In The Darkness” Of Depression After MS Diagnosis: “I Don’t Enjoy Living”

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Christina Applegate is opening up about living with depression after her MS diagnosis. The Married with Children alum got candid about her mental health on the latest episode of her podcast. “A real, fuck-it-all depression — like, a real depression, where it’s kind of scaring me too a little bit because it feels really fatalistic, it feels really ‘end of,’” Applegate said on MeSsy. “I don’t mean that, but I’m trapped in this darkness right now that I haven’t felt in probably 20-something years.” She continued, “I don’t enjoy living.

I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy things anymore.” Amid her mental health struggles, Applegate said that she had booked an appointment with her therapist, “which was a big thing for me to do.” The Dead to Me star was diagnosed with MS in 2021 and said on the podcast that she has not gone to therapy because she was “afraid to start crying,” revealing she was dealing with her medical diagnosis with self-deprecation to “make people feel more comfortable about it.” On her podcast, Applegate talks about everything and recently revealed she turned down an opportunity to star in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I was asked to be a Housewife for Beverly Hills,” Applegate said on the MeSsy podcast she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. “They asked me to be one, probably ten years ago, I would say.” She continued, “And what’s funny is I ended up becoming really good friends with the executive producer of it because our kids went to school together.

And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, we asked you.’ I said, ‘Chris, now that you know me, would I have been a fun Housewife?’ He’s like, ‘No, it would’ve been the most boring s— I’ve ever seen in my life.’” By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of

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