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Can rosemary oil help grow hair and eyelashes? We look into TikTok's latest craze

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If you’ve scrolled through TikTok in recent weeks, you might have spotted a new beauty trend going viral: rosemary oil for hair, lash and brow growth.Thousands of users are taking to the app to share their impressive before and after results from using the natural oil to strengthen and grow their hair.

User Kelsey Soles is leading the viral videos with her clip showing how she grows her lashes using her own rosemary oil “wonder” concoction. “No joke this changed my eyelashes so much and I hope it helps others.

I’ve got many questions about my eyelashes, and I make my own serum to help them grow. Castor oil and rosemary oil,” she explains, adding that she uses the serum daily.

Another user, Krishna, also shares her results from using rosemary oil on her hair – and if her seriously thick and glossy lengths are anything to go by, her weekly oil treatments are working for her. “You need to dilute the rosemary oil with a carrier oil as it’s very concentrated, and you really have to massage the oil into your scalp,” she advises.

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