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Boy Meets World's Trina McGee Explains How She Got Pregnant at 54

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Boy Meets World star Trina McGee announced she’s pregnant at the age of 54, and she’s now explaining how she and her husband of 16 years, Marcello Thedford, were able to conceive a child after she was already in menopause.

The actress told ET that during their marriage, they did try and conceive naturally but that did not result in a pregnancy. Keep reading to find out more… She told the publication that they ended up relying on the help on the Garifuna people in Belize, where her husband has a “cultural background.” The shamans she consulted with apparently advised her of certain herbs to ingest, coupled with her healthy lifestyle, and they found themselves pregnant!

She added that staying stress-free has helped, saying, “The number one thing for me is to not partake in any stress and stay away from negativity as much as I can, and that pertains to what I put on TV, what I — what I look at on my phone, you know, there’s so much drama and violence and negativity out there as soon as you turn on the screen.

I really want to be pointed when I turn on the screen — what I’m watching. Because stress, for me, is the biggest factor.” Congrats to Trina and her husband on the news!

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