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‘Young Sheldon’: Why The Decision Was Made To End The Comedy After Seven Seasons

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The (early) life story of Sheldon Cooper made it easier to figure out when to end Young Sheldon. While addressing reporters Tuesday on Stage 19 of the Warner Bros.

lot, Executive Producer Steve Holland explained why the decision was made to wrap up the comedy in its seventh season on CBS. “There are certain things we know happen in Sheldon’s life at 14,” explained Holland. “We started talking about the future of show, and what it looked like.

This is the right time for this story to come to an end, knowing that at 14, he goes off to Cal Tech. It felt like the right time to end it strong while it was on top.” “Can’t we just leave it at I’m tall and cool and I look like Jim [Parsons] now?” quipped star Iain Armitage, who plays the title character who was first created by Parsons in The Big Bang Theory.

The executive producers, which include Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, reflected on how the top-rated single camera comedy almost didn’t happen, had it not been for the discovery of the precocious Armitage in 2017. “It’s important to say that we wouldn’t be sitting here, had not eight years ago, Iain’s mom sent us a video of him doing a scene that Steven and I wrote that we never intended to shoot,” said Lorre. “This guy killed it.

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