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Thora Birch Alludes to Drama on ‘Now and Then’ Set: It Didn’t ‘Go Well’

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Teeny’s spilling the tea! Thora Birch is reflecting back on her time filming the beloved 1995 film Now and Then — but her memories aren’t exactly all warm and fuzzy.“If I’m being honest, the thing was we were all 12 to 14 years old when we were making that film.

And if anybody knows anything about 12 to 14-year-old girls, it doesn’t go well,” the Hocus Pocus actress, 40, exclusively told Us Weekly about the coming-of-age classic on May 5.Nowadays, however, she has nothing but affection for her former costars. “I love those ladies so much.

And, you know, I think we all played our roles perfectly. Gaby [Hoffmann] was Samantha. Christina [Ricci] was Roberta and [Ashleigh Aston Moore] was Chrissy,” she said. “I miss Ashleigh so much.” (Moore tragically died of an accidental heroin overdose in 2007 at age 26.)In addition to the four younger characters, Now and Then’s cast consisted of some of Hollywood’s biggest heavy hitters at the time, including Rosie O’Donnell, Demi Moore, Rita Wilson and Melanie Griffith in supporting roles as the girl’s older selves.Set in 1960s Indiana, the film followed a group of 13-year-old’s through a life-changing summer.

Birch played Teeny Tarcell, the younger version of Griffiths’ character and a glamorous tween who was “a typical upbringing for actors and pathological liars,” as the movie states.With sepia-toned nostalgia supported by an outstanding soundtrack that included timeless hits like “Candy Girl” as its backdrop, the film was an instant and unmistakable classic from the minute it reached theatres.Fans were drawn to the reliability of the friendship between the four girls, who were existing in the short period of time between being a kid and growing up.

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