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Tattoo model cruelly branded 'ugly scum' after covering 98% of body in ink

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Tattoo model Amber Luke says she’s been bullied since she was in school.When she was younger, cruel classmates would mock her ethnicity.Then when she grew up, trolls found another aspect of her appearance to make jibes about.The 26-year-old, from Brisbane, Australia, was inundated with hate comments after she started covering herself in tattoos.After years growing her body art collection, she’s managed to cover more than 98% of her body in eye-catching ink.Her unique look also consists of painful dermal piercings, tattooed eyeballs, stretched ears and a split tongue, which have been attacked by critics too.On Instagram, Amber wrote: “Fun fact about me - I am Australian/Aboriginal and also have Chinese blood in me - hence my small eyes.“I.

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