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Smartwatch warning for drivers as using device could land you with £1000 fine

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Smartwatches are hugely popular, with many people purchasing the handy devices in recent years. Whether you use the tech to track your fitness or to simply keep up to date with calls and texts, the watches can leave you distracted at times.

With this in mind, motoring experts at Scrap Car Comparison have issued a warning over the possible penalities attached to using your smartwatch while driving, revealing that over 1 in 10 drivers (13 per cent) admitted to frequently checking their device while behind the wheel.

This mistake could lead to large fines and penalty points, as well as increasing the risk of a serious road accident. Drivers must not use hand-held mobile devices for any purposes while driving, according to Rule 149 of the Highway Code.

This rule extends to devices such a smartwatches, including uses such as skipping a song, declining a call and even simply illuminating the screen.Depending on the circumstances, penalties of up to a £1,000 fine and points on a licence may be issued, with the motoring expert providing some advice for the tech-driver motorists across Scotland and the rest of the UK.There are no specific laws within the Highway Code around the use of smartwatches while driving.However, the Department for Transport (DfT) says that anyone caught using a smartwatch while driving will face the same penalty as using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

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