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Scarlett Moffatt claims scotch eggs with chocolate spread is secret behind her success

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Scarlett Moffatt has revealed her favourite snack is scotch eggs with chocolate spread and she credits the bizarre combination as the secret to her success.The Gogglebox star and Queen of the Jungle said she discovered the sweet-savoury crossover after getting home drunk from a night out and finding the ingredients in her fridge.The 31-year-old said she sat watching TV ‘in just my pants’ whilst eating her newfound snack and was brutally told by her mum ‘this is why you haven’t got a boyfriend’.READ MORE: Scarlett Moffatt thought Gogglebox sounded 'horrific' before becoming fan favouriteMoffatt said the comment brought on a moment of realisation, and credited her new snack with ‘helping me sort my life out’.Speaking on the Dish podcast, Moffatt said: “One of my favourite buffet snacks is a scotch egg - but a scotch egg with chocolate spread.“I know, that does sound like a pregnancy craving.“It’s like, the savoury and sweet combo.“Basically, what happened is - I sound like I’m just drunk the whole time - but I’d come in [drunk] and all we had in the fridge was scotch eggs.“I thought ‘I can’t have them dry, that’s dirty’.

So we had chocolate spread. It was lovely.“I remember I was sat watching [sitcom] Bottom on the telly in just my pants, eating scotch eggs and chocolate spread.“Me mum came in and went ‘this is why you haven’t got a boyfriend’.

I was like, ‘actually, yeah, you’re right’.“It was one of those realisation moments.“So I feel it holds a special place in my heart, scotch eggs and chocolate spread, for helping me sort my life out.”Scarlett also revealed her favourite sandwich filling is ‘cheese and onion crisps’ with ‘sliced banana’, and added she used to sprinkle Wotsits on her beans on toast as a student.On her.

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