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PS5 games will cost $200m to make predicts former PlayStation CEO

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) America and chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, has predicted that PlayStation 5 games will cost $200m to make.In an interview with Bloomberg, he explained that the cost of game development doubles with every platform noting that recent big PlayStation 4 titles have hit $100m. “If we can’t stop the cost curve from going up, all we can do is try to de-risk it.

That puts you in a place where you’re incentivized toward sequels,” explained Layden.As the Bloomberg article notes, higher budgets lead to the likes of “stale” annual releases such as Call of Duty and Madden. “What happens there is you end up with 3-4 silos of games or game types that continue to exist, and variety is squeezed out,” Layden said.It’s.

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