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Hoda Kotb reveals difficulty with family vacation while on break from Today

Hoda Kotb was able to enjoy a relaxing few days off with her family, as she took the previous week off and spent the Fourth of July weekend relaxing.MORE: Savannah Guthrie has nothing but praise for Today co-star Hoda KotbHowever, what was intended to be a fun family vacation ended up including some unwanted stress, which she explained upon her return to Today.VIDEO: Hoda Kotb's Family LifeSpeaking to Justin Sylvester, who filled in for Jenna Bush Hager on the latest installment of Today with Hoda and Jenna, they talked about going on spontaneous trips and surviving without itineraries.Hoda then challenged: "I wanna show you my vacation, and next time I'll invite you," then sharing a selfie of herself with her daughters Hope and Haley aboard their flight.MORE: Hoda Kotb celebrates kindness with tear-inducing videos ahead of return to Today"We got on the plane, me and my girls," she started. "We were going to go to Orlando, but there was weather trouble, so we had to sit on the tarmac in Tampa for three hours."And then we got there and wound up in Orlando around 7-8 at night, we left at 11 [in the morning]," Hoda continued, with Justin feeling bad for her.

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Savannah Guthrie shares new photos featuring mishap with unexpected guests
Savannah Guthrie loves capturing some of the more hilarious and candid moments to come out of her daily stint with Today each morning.MORE: Savannah Guthrie owns up to summer fashion faux pas alongside Today co-host Hoda KotbThe host gave fans a laugh when she shared a new series of photographs from the set of the show as Steve Carrell dropped by as a guest.VIDEO: Savannah Guthrie shares rare behind-the-scenes moment with fans ahead of new projectHowever, in keeping with his new Despicable Me movie, he brought along a few human-sized Minions with him, although one had a harder time on the day.As one of the show's PAs tried to get a Minion to exit the studio through the revolving doors and enter the Today Plaza, it ended up being stuck between the doors.MORE: Savannah Guthrie shares bittersweet tribute to late father alongside rare family photosThe costumed figure struggled to get himself out, and through photographs captured between sets, Savannah managed to share the moment on her social media. Steve Carrell and the Minions stopped by TodayShe provided a play-by-play on her Instagram Stories, saying that: "No one could have seen this coming," with an image of the lodged Minion.She even shared the photographs on her main feed, writing: "Minion vs.
Jenna Bush Hager on which 'hot' star made her husband jealous
Jenna Bush Hager maintains that her husband, Henry Hager, isn't a jealousy type of guy, during Monday morning's Today Show episode, she revealed that a certain up and coming heartthrob changed everything for the couple.MORE: Jenna Bush Hager missing from Today - replaced by beloved news anchorThe star was chatting with Justin Sylvester as she temporarily took over Hoda Kotb's spot on 4th Hour, and he did not hesitate to ask the juicy questions everyone wants the answer to.Knowing Jenna has been lucky to interview and interact with some of the world's biggest stars, he was quick to try to get the scoop from her.WATCH: Jenna's rise to fameMORE: Jenna Bush Hager reveals unexpected family story involving daughter and famous parentsHe took the host by total surprise when he boldly asked her: "Who was hotter, Austin Butler or Harry Styles?"Shocked expressions immediately erupted from the audience, as Jenna exasperatedly complained: "Why would you do this to me on a Monday?"Despite her initial hesitation, Jenna seemed to have a very clear answer in her mind, and proudly stated: "Austin Butler."A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)When Austin stopped by Today recently, Hoda and Jenna were totally taken by himShe then went on to reveal that she and her husband recently went to a screening of the highly-anticipated Elvis biopic by Baz Luhrmann, and she even confessed that her husband told her: "I don't think I'm comfortable with you interviewing him." MORE: Jenna Bush Hager enjoys 'summer loving' with husband Henry Hager in beachside photoMORE: Jenna Bush Hager's radiant transformation has fans demanding to know her secretThe mom-of-three recalled explaining to him: "Honey, you have not been jealous of me in
Al Roker prepares for major change as he reveals son's bittersweet milestone
Al Roker and his family, but they're celebrating it! After months of detailing how he and his son Nick were preparing for his highschool graduation, the day has finally come.MORE: Al Roker delights fans with emotional family reunion photoThe Today host took to Instagram early on Tuesday morning to update fans on the momentous day, which came on the very first day of summer too.He revealed the news, of course, as he took his daily walk, sharing yet another selfie video as he opened up about how excited he is for his son.WATCH: Al works up a sweat inside his impressive home gymMORE: Al Roker shares sweet snap with youngest son as he 'savors' the moments before college"It's an exciting day in the Roker household! One Nick Roker graduates from highschool as he continues his quest, so we have a lot to be grateful for," he endearingly said.He marked the incredible milestone by sharing pictures of when Nick was a baby right next to pictures of his graduation, and the teen looked tall as ever donning the classic cap and gown in a navy blue color, paired with a crisp white button-down underneath.Nick was celebrated by the whole Roker bunch, including mom Deborah Roberts and both of his sisters, Courteny and Leila Roker. Al captioned the adorable family portrait with: "And just like that! Nick Roker: High School graduate from the @aaronschool.
Hoda Kotb reveals how relationship with Joel Schiffman inspired her daughter's name
Hoda Kotb is not afraid to admit about the influence he had when it came to naming her two daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine.MORE: Today stars receive years-in-the-making surprise live on-airAlongside Jenna Bush Hager, the two Today hosts recently opened up about the inspirations and meanings behind their girls' names, both having two daughters.The mom-of-two hinted at how having waited so long to have children, and going through the adoption process with both, inspired her name choices.WATCH: Jenna  'hustled' to get to Hoda after emotional Today Show episodeMORE: Hoda Kotb gets candid about dating again following split from fiancé Joel SchiffmanWith Haley, she explained: "She seemed so one in a million," which made her think of Halley's Comet, one of the most iconic space phenomena in the world, which occurs once every 75 years.Her middle name was her sister's suggestion, an idea that came easily to her when Hoda would tell her what a "joy" her new baby was.For Hope, she admitted: "It was such a no-brainer, it was such an easy pick."A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)The hearfelt conversationReferencing being with Joel at the time, and their wish of having children, she explained: "That's what we'd been doing, was hoping, and then she came. That was just simple."MORE: Hoda Kotb returns to social media after absence - and her family photo is the sweetestMORE: Hoda Kotb is all smiles during night out supporting Jennifer LopezThe two co-hosts went on to discuss just how right their choices felt, with Jenna opening up about how she came up with the names Mila and Poppy.
Today stars receive years-in-the-making surprise live on-air
it seems the beloved Today Show stars can't detect when a surprise is in the works and coming their way.MORE:Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, Carson Daly and Craig Melvin all received epic surprises Tuesday morning, and as pictures are revealed of the special moments, not only is it evident they were definitely in shock, but also how emotional it made them.Each star had their own special little moment, as the NBC crew organized individual surprises for each member with someone from their highschool or college waiting outside to be reunited with their longtime friends.WATCH: Today's Jenna Bush Hager's rise to fameMORE: Savannah Guthrie jokes she doesn't recognize herself as she accomplishes surprising milestone"Our favorite people were surprised by their favorite people on the plaza this morning and tears may have been shed," Today captioned an Instagram post rounding up all of the incredible reactions.The pictures capture Hoda holding back tears as she hugs one of her past classmates, Savannah stepping back in pure shock before tightly squeezing her best friend, and Al, Carson, and Craig posing alongside their own special people.Savannah took to her personal Instagram to thank her team for planning the unexpected visit, admitting: "I didn't think @todayshow could surprise me anymore."A post shared by TODAY (@todayshow)The hosts' emotional reactionsShe revealed her surprise was by her best friend, writing: "This reunion with my dearest dearest bestie Melissa from Tucson was the absolute BEST!!! And I cannot stop hugging her."MORE: Carson Daly undergoes 'groundbreaking' medical procedure following snowmobile accidentMORE: Savannah Guthrie fulfills her 'dream' on Today - but it's not what you thinkHer fellow Today
Jenna Bush Hager reveals unexpected family story involving daughter and famous parents
Jenna Bush Hager is a proud mom to her three kids, Mila, Poppy, and Hal, and during one of Today Show's latest episodes, she opened up to Hoda Kotb about the decision and meaning behind each of her children's names.MORE: Jenna Bush Hager enjoys 'summer loving' with husband Henry Hager in beachside photoDuring the discussion, she revealed that while both her and husband Henry Hager are happy with their choices, when it came to their eldest, Mila, they had some convincing to do.She explained that while the meaning behind the nine-year-old's name was meant to be in homage to both of their mothers, her own parents didn't immediately jump on board.WATCH: Jenna recalls scary phone call to her dad MORE: Jenna Bush Hager's radiant transformation has fans demanding to know her secretThe host confessed that in fact: "It's Margaret Laura, named after both of our moms," saying how she was named after her grandmother, Laura Bush's mother.However, while she loved the idea, when Mila was born, Jenna explained: "We thought we were going to do it, but she didn't look like a Margaret," which made them then think: "Mila! It's kind of a combination of Margaret and Laura."She recalled how it took her forever to pick a name, and how her dad, former President George Bush, would constantly inquire what the name would be.A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)The hilarious storyHis wanting to know and opinions on the matter didn't stop until the name was finally announced, and to his daughter's dismay, he simply said: "That should be MaLa.
Jenna Bush Hager reveals daughter's hilarious misbehavior at special occasion
Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are known for their hilarious shenanigans and cahoots hosting the Today Show.MORE: Prince Louis' hilarious connection to Jenna Bush Hager revealedAs the Today crew all headed to a co-worker's wedding recently, it seems they passed down their antics to their children, and they took their cheeky behavior to the special event.Along with Savannah Guthrie's children, Jenna's daughters participated in the nuptials, but as any parent would know, plans with children don't always go smoothly.WATCH: Jenna recalls 'scary' phone call she had to make to her dadMORE: Hoda Kotb left unnerved by Jenna Bush Hager's uncomfortable confession - and fans are in hystericsThe mom-of-three opened up about the festivities when she returned to Today studios revealing the fear her daughters brought her during the celebration.She shared an adorable yet hilarious photo of the bride, Libby Leist, being embraced by her flower girls, one of which was Jenna's daughter, Poppy, though her face was completely covered by a crown of leaves.The mishaps didn't stop with the wardrobe malfunction however, and the host recalled: "She ran up with her sticky little fingers, filled with hot dogs and ketchup. Ran up to Libby, I had to run, [screaming], 'What are you doing?!'"The hilarious yet heartwarming storyWhat's more, Hoda then went on to reveal how all of the kids were so excited to hug the bride and groom, the couple fell to the ground when embraced by the swarm of them, explaining: "No, they toppled.
Savannah Guthrie fulfills her 'dream' on Today - but it's not what you think
Savannah Guthrie has a lot on her plate, figuratively and literally, and gave fans a peek at the newest addition - her ideal breakfast sandwich.MORE: Savannah Guthrie shares beautiful wedding photographs - and her kids played a big roleThe Today star shared photographs of "my dream breakfast sandwich," which would be sold at the TODAY Cafe at Universal Orlando.VIDEO: Today's Savannah Guthrie shares rare behind-the-scenes moment with fans ahead of new projectThe meal consisted of egg, a sausage patty, cheese, Divina tomatoes, and avocado on a croissant, and looked quite appetizing, based on Savannah's photographs.She then included shots of herself gorging on her creation, terming the moment "#proud," and even revealed that the rest of her co-stars "loved it" as they took big bites as well.MORE: Savannah Guthrie looks terrified during on-air moment with a royal petSavannah even joked about the calorie count, saying: "Zero chance there aren't 2,000 calories per bite," proceeding to then walk them off. However, at the end, she did specify that it was "so worth it." Savannah gushed over her "dream" breakfast sandwichThe NBC star has become quite the savant when it comes to her culinary adventures on the morning show, having also helmed a cooking show titled Starting From Scratch.She shared a segment of the show on social media ahead of the first season's final episode, explaining: "I've never had a burning desire to know how to cook.
Jenna Bush Hager 'hustled' to get to Hoda Kotb after emotional Today Show episode
Jenna Bush Hager was praised for her "hustle" by her co-star on Thursday after she ran to the Today Show studios to sit with an emotional Hoda Kotb who hosted the first 10 minutes on her own.ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleJenna was filming a segment on the USS Baatan on Wednesday morning and believed she could make it to the studio by 10am but by 9.30am was still on the vessel and nowhere near the studios. They then made it to the car but were stuck in morning traffic.WATCH: Jenna Bush Hager 'hustled' to get to Hoda Kotb after emotional Today Show episodeLaughing, Hoda shared with viewers on Thursday: "And so what did Jenna do? She was running with her 'I Love NY' jacket, with her assistant and Photo Nate was shooting this while carrying bags."Photo Nate is what the pair call their producer, and he appeared on screen to praise Jenna's hustle: "I think a lot of people think its glamorous and it is but it takes having to hustle and get out of the traffic [to get to work on time]."MORE: Hoda Kotb talks difficult career goodbyes with Today co-starMORE: Hoda Kotb shares fears about being an older mom: 'It's scary'"Only you would get out of the car and run through the streets," added Hoda.However, the absence of Jenna was felt even more when Hoda almost broke down in tears as she spoke about the deaths of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.
Hoda Kotb talks difficult career goodbyes with Today co-star
Hoda Kotb has had some incredible opportunities when it comes to her life and career, and moving on from them hasn't been easy at times.MORE: Hoda Kotb shares fears about being an older mom: 'It's scary'ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe Today star talked to co-star Jenna Bush Hager on Today with Hoda and Jenna about making tough choices and moving on to better things.VIDEO: Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb host New Year's Eve Special"They always say life's about how to start something and how to end it," Hoda started off by saying, with Jenna agreeing."How did you know to say goodbye to New Orleans, for example?" she asked, referring to Hoda's prior position as an anchor and reporter for WWL in Louisiana before moving to NBC.MORE: Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb brave the pouring rain for special Harry Styles performance"That was my hardest professional goodbye ever," she explained: "Because I fit like a puzzle piece in New Orleans."She went on to get a little emotional as she explained that it felt like the moment was right for a jump, worrying that she would have regretted it if she didn't, with Jenna agreeing."I stood on the edge and just jumped."Hoda and Jenna opened up about leaving behind their past careers for NBCJenna also shared what it was like for her to leave her position as a teacher prior to joining the NBC team, also terming it a "really hard decision.""But I also think, as you said, with standing on the edge and jumping, you can alway go back.
Dylan Dreyer shares beachside photograph with Today co-stars during trip away from studio
Dylan Dreyer was able to enjoy some time away from the studio with her co-stars in tow as evidenced by her new social media posts.MORE: Dylan Dreyer was once left with concussion while reporting on a snow stormThe Today star took to Instagram earlier in the week to share pictures of herself with the cast of Third Hour of Today from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.VIDEO: Dylan Dreyer reunites with Today co-starsShe was joined by Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Sheinelle Jones, along with the full crew of the show, for the special shot from their gorgeous beach house there.Everyone geared up in their best vacation clothes, with Dylan in a bright blue summer dress herself, riding around on bicycles on the beach with her co-stars.MORE: Dylan Dreyer marks special milestone with baby Rusty - see sweet family photosThey even got to celebrate Craig's birthday with a delicious-looking nautical-themed two-tiered cake, and the trip proved to be even more fun than they'd planned.Dylan and her Today co-stars spent a few days by the beachDylan looked back on it fondly, gushing in her caption: "When I tell you the crew @todayshow knows how to take a show on the road, believe me. "Each and every person in this picture (and those who were back in NYC) went above and beyond to put on our show from @hiltonhead_sc. MORE: Dylan Dreyer in awe as she marks incredible achievement: 'Pinch me'MORE: Dylan Dreyer looks fabulous in lace during glamorous date with husband"Thank you to @vrbo for the gorgeous house and incredible visit and thank you to the incredible kind and helpful folks of Hilton Head Island for making this happen!! And @photonate captured it all! We hope you enjoyed our little tour! And Happy Birthday Craig!!"Fans loved seeing the
Savannah Guthrie inundated with support after sharing emotional challenge
Savannah Guthrie is one caring lady, and during the week she told her fans about a challenge that her friend was undertaking for a special cause.WOW: Savannah Guthrie's youthful looks are the talk of the town after posing with Today co-starsThe Today presenter shared a photo of her friend, Tara, who has down syndrome and is due to compete at the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge. Savannah shared a photo of Tara standing with medals that she had won at previous events, and also shared a leaflet promoting the event, as well as explaining the goals of the organization that arranged it.WATCH: Savannah Guthrie shares touching tributeIn her caption, the mom-of-two explained: "So proud of my @bestbuddy Tara! She will be participating this Sunday, May 22nd, as GiGi's Playhouse of Patchogue NY holds its GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge at Hecksher State Park.MORE: Savannah Guthrie gushes about her co-stars during fun night outMORE: Savannah Guthrie reveals 'dream' transformation in new backstage glimpseShe added: "Gigi's Playhouse mission is to change the way the world views Down Syndrome and to send a global message of acceptance for all!"Her followers were amazed at what Tara were doing and thanked Savannah for sharing the news, as well as offering their wishes of support to the athlete.
Hoda Kotb as you've never seen her before for special project with Today co-stars
Hoda Kotb joined in with her Today co-stars for a special kind of transformation for a new undertaking, that being an off-Broadway play.MORE: Hoda Kotb shares heartfelt statement about co-star's future on TodayALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe TV star was one of the members of the cast and crew that transformed themselves into characters from New York in the 40s-50s for a special rendition of an old radio play.VIDEO: Watch Today Show's Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker's Super Bowl commercialThe group performed a show titled Murder in Studio One, where Hoda and Savannah Guthrie took on the leading roles.They were joined by the likes of Al Roker, Jenna Bush Hager, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer, Tom Llamas, and many others.MORE: Savannah Guthrie reveals 'dream' transformation in new backstage glimpseThe Today Show included a segment in the most recent installment that showcased the cast's extensive transformation for the show and how they got into character.While a table reading and character assigning was first held before the pandemic, things took a backseat and didn't resume once more till more recently.The cast shared a behind-the-scenes peek at their off-Broadway debutAlong with coaching on their lines and performances, a special Hollywood dialect coach was even brought on to train them in perfecting the perfect New York affectation, particularly with Savannah for her Brooklyn-bred role.During rehearsals, chaos ensued, with Al teasing that it would be "worse than the Hindenburg," and Hoda spending most of her time trying to perfect the word "lepidopterology."MORE: Al Roker shares unexpected video for daughter revealing unfortunate health
Savannah Guthrie reveals 'dream' transformation in new backstage glimpse
Today Show is making host Savannah Guthrie's dream come true! The star unveiled an unbelievable on-set transformation that left her totally awestruck.ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleIn honor of the release of Downton Abbey: A New Era, Today studios were unrecognizably transformed to fit the style of the legendary Highclere Castle, where the iconic period piece has filmed since its debut in 2010.The set felt so authentic, it had Savannah joking about forgetting etiquette and how to behave.WATCH: Savannah and other Today hosts like you've never seen them beforeMORE: Selma Blair makes difficult revelation about her mother to emotional Savannah GuthrieThe beloved host had the dinner of her dreams – and dream dinner guests – as she sat down to interview Downton Abbey's fan favorites, including Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Allen Leech, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Dancy and Kevin Doyle.NBC studios went all out for the television special, transforming an area of the set into an epic dining room fit for any royal, featuring a never ending wooden table atop a large, printed rug, and behind it a decorative wall full of ornate frames with glimpses of the show.Savannah captioned the behind-the-scenes photos with: "How amazing is this @todayshow set made to look like the dinner table at Downton Abbey?? Which fork do I use???"A post shared by Savannah Guthrie (@savannahguthrie)The epic transformationShe couldn't stop raving about the set's transformation, also writing on her Instagram stories: "Is this a dream?"MORE: Savannah Guthrie's personal revelation about body image is so inspiringMORE: Savannah Guthrie's latest work assignment leaves fans speechlessFans
Jenna Bush Hager shares affectionate pictures with rarely-seen husband for sentimental tribute
Jenna Bush Hager is turning the attention onto her husband! MORE: Jenna Bush Hager lists $5.4m New York home ahead of big family moveThough her husband, Henry Hager, is typically media shy, it didn't stop the Today star from sharing a sweet tribute to him in honor of his 43rd birthday.She took to Instagram to share never-before-seen pictures of the couple being affectionate with one another, spending time with their three children, Poppy, Mila and Hal, as well as pictures from their travels.WATCH: Jenna shares surprising beach throwbackMORE: Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb open up about unconventional friendshipThe snaps and throwbacks see Henry as a doting father and husband, and includes many a sunset picture, and even a sweet shot of the couple sharing a kiss by a beach.The co-host started off her heartfelt tribute with: "Happiest to one of the best! HH, you light up our lives."Though Henry doesn't have social media, fans took to the comments to wish him a happy birthday regardless, writing: "A great picture!! Happy Birthday!" and: "Love that hubby of yours!!!" as well as: "Have an awesome fun day."A post shared by Jenna Bush Hager (@jennabhager)The sweet birthday tributeJenna went on to reveal why he rarely makes an appearance on her page, explaining that: "Even though you will never see because anti-social media."MORE: Jenna Bush Hager says she's 'so lucky' as she shares sweet family update involving her co-starsMORE: Jenna Bush Hager melts hearts with handwritten note from daughter PoppyFans took to the comments once more to express their understanding – and some jokes – about his stance, writing: "Anti social media is so much healthier I think! I admire that!" and: "God bless your husband on his birthday.
Jenna Bush Hager shares beach throwback as she reveals past 'mistakes'
Jenna Bush Hager just delighted fans with a candid throwback as she reminisces about her childhood, opens up about growing up as a President's daughter and granddaughter, and looks back at past mistakes.MORE: Savannah Guthrie 'so excited' as she shares picture of best friend Jenna Bush Hager's book on shelvesThe Today Show star is currently road tripping around her home state of Texas with her twin sister, Barbara Bush, as they promote their latest children's book, The Superpower Sisterhood.While on the road, Jenna took questions from followers, and spoke candidly about her past self.WATCH: Jenna shares exciting career newsMORE: Jenna Bush Hager 'in awe' as she shares update on book club adaptationsWhen asked what advice she would give her younger self, the talk show host revealed a totally unexpected style choice she used to favor but wishes she hadn't done.She admitted that she would tell a young Jenna to: "Take off the toe ring, don't get your belly button pierced..." and, the most heartwarming tip: "Trust that you're going to be living your dream one day soon."The mom-of-three continued to keep it real with fans, sharing a hilarious video of herself doing pull-ups at a children's playground, eating burritos in the car, and revealing that her favorite pastime with her sister while traveling is: "Eating, laughing, and when we cozy up in bed watching Law & Order SVU."The epic beach throwbackShe was later asked: "What did your folks do to try to let you have a normal childhood as [the President's] grandkid then a [President's] kid?"MORE: Jenna Bush Hager makes surprising confession about Prince Harry and sister Barbara BushMORE: Jenna Bush Hager recalls moment she 'began bawling' when twin sister Barbara went into labor
Jenna Bush Hager makes surprising confession about Prince Harry and sister Barbara Bush
Prince Harry may be happy as can be with wife Meghan Markle, but it turns out Jenna Bush Hager had other romantic plans for him!MORE: Savannah Guthrie salutes co-star Jenna Bush Hager for new bookFollowing Hoda Kotb's interview with the British Royal at his legendary Invictus Games in The Hague, the Today anchors got to talking about the father-of-two, what the interview was like, and Jenna dished on a major "what if" moment involving her twin sister, Barbara Bush.While the star's twin is happily married to Craig Coyne as of 2018, and welcomed daughter Cora Georgia – named in honor of her father George Bush – in 2021, her sister revealed she had originally wanted to set her up with Prince Harry.WATCH: Jenna praises mom Laura Bush after sharing emotional story about daughtersMORE: Jenna Bush Hager recalls moment she 'began bawling' when twin sister Barbara went into labor six weeks earlyAs it turns out, the Today show co-host also interviewed him once, at the Invictus Games as well, but Hoda revealed there was actually only one thing she remembered from the special.She confessed: "You tried to set up Barbara with him."Her co-star did not shy away from admitting her plans, and even teased that she hadn't given up, quickly replying: "I know and honestly, what was she thinking?"A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)The hilarious admissionThe mom-of-three promptly began to imagine how different things might have turned out had her matchmaking plan come true, bringing up her co-anchor's latest interview, and wondering: "You could have been there with Barbara and Harry!"MORE: Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager's stand-in hosts get Today viewers talkingMORE: Jenna Bush Hager delights fans with new update on her and
Savannah Guthrie salutes co-star Jenna Bush Hager for new book
Savannah Guthrie had much to celebrate on the latest installment of Today, because even though she couldn't host the show with her usual co-host Hoda Kotb, she still had someone else to celebrate!MORE: Savannah Guthrie shares sweet moment with fan at workThe TV personality congratulated and saluted her co-star Jenna Bush Hager and her sister Barbara Bush for the release of their new book, The Superpower Sisterhood.VIDEO: Savannah Guthrie's video to her kids from Team USAShe shared several photographs of their live conversation on Instagram, calling them her "sisters from another mister," saying it contained "shocking plot twists and a beautiful story of sisterly love from two sissies who show us how it's done.""I love that it's about the sisters you're born with…and the sisters you find," she added, once again also calling them her "honorary sisters."MORE: Jenna Bush Hager recalls moment she 'began bawling' when twin sister Barbara went into labor six weeks earlyThe two spoke further in the interview about not only their book, but also highlighted the story of two teen sisters from Pennsylvania as part of the stories they wanted to tell.They also spoke to Savannah about Barbara raising six-month-old daughter Cora George and how she dealt with having her baby arrive six weeks early.A post shared by Savannah Guthrie (@savannahguthrie)Savannah praised Jenna and Barbara on the release of their new bookSavannah also hilariously recounted how Jenna reacted to the news, saying that she rushed over to Target to grab immediate baby supplies.Jenna elaborated on how her own kids, Mila, Poppy, and Hal, reacted to news of their new cousin, with Hal's reaction being particularly adorable.MORE: Savannah Guthrie makes candid confession
Hoda Kotb announces exciting interview with Prince Harry - details
Hoda Kotb has major plans ahead of her! Fans of the star were left wondering where she was after they noticed her absence during Monday's episode of the Today Show, having been replaced with Justin Sylvester, who joined Jenna Bush-Hager.MORE: Hoda Kotb delights fans with heartfelt tribute to rarely seen family member in new photoThe co-host has in fact left Today studios, and was inundated with support by followers upon revealing the major project she's working on with a post on Instagram.Turns out she is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean at The Hague, to interview none other than Prince Harry as he conducts his legendary Invictus Games.WATCH: Prince Harry rocks surprising new look for the Invictus GamesMORE: Prince Harry reveals what it felt like to see the Queen after a year apartShe shared the exciting news along with a series of images with Prince Harry from the interview. Fans of both won't have to wait long to see the special conversation and what he has to say, as it will air on the Today Show on 20 April.The first of the slew of pictures features Hoda and Prince Harry side by side as she smiles ear to ear and is seen wearing a chic, all white look featuring white skinny jeans and sneakers with a bright yellow blazer over it for a pop of color.A post shared by Hoda Kotb (@hodakotb)The exciting announcementThe next picture is of the two posing alongside some of the Invictus Games crew, and after is a behind-the-scenes look at the interview, where they are sitting one on one and the father-of-two appears with a pensive, if not somber, look on his face.MORE: Hoda Kotb leaves Today co-star lost for words with powerful speech about workMORE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were torn over son Archie's first nameFans
Al Roker seeks advice as son Nick embarks on big transition
Al Roker and his family, and the Today Show host is trying to figure out just how to best prepare himself for it.MORE: Al Roker shares sentimental tribute ahead of special work project close to his heartIt comes as no surprise to fans of the star that he has an extremely tight knit family, which includes his wife Deborah Roberts, who works for ABC as a television journalist, plus their children Leila, 23, and Nicholas, 19. He has another daughter, Courtney, 25, with ex-wife Alice Bell.The family faced a big transition when Leila decided to move to Paris, where she has been living for several years, and now they're trying to wrap their heads around yet another change, one that will officially make the parents empty nesters.WATCH: Al shares sentimental tribute during visit to Washington DCMORE: Al Roker expresses gratitude and inspires fans in latest sentimental videoAl revealed during a special interview that his son Nicholas is off to college, and as he and Deborah brace themselves for his big move, he's seeking advice from none other than former President Barack Obama.The beloved weatherman was recently in Washington DC to interview the President for a Today Show special, which aired Wednesday 13 April, about his upcoming Netflix series, Our Great National Parks, which premiered on the same day.As the two explored ​​Virginia's Great Falls National Park, the NBC host opened up about the fact that he will soon be an empty nester, and asked Obama how he and his wife should prepare.A post shared by TODAY (@todayshow)The candid conversationHe asked him: "Our son Nick is getting ready to go to college, he's about to leave.
Hoda Kotb describes 'electric' encounter with stranger - and Jenna Bush Hager has questions
Hoda Kotb is seemingly opening up about the one who got away! The star reminisced about a moment decades ago that she has never been able to forget.MORE: Jenna Bush Hager praises mom Laura Bush after sharing emotional story about daughtersThe star had a candid conversation with her Today co-star Jenna Bush Hager about attractiveness, and the two discussed everything from sexy accents to the spectrum of what they find attractive.The open conversation led Hoda to reminisce about a man she once saw who undoubtedly left his mark on the star.WATCH: Jenna's impression of Hoda sends Today show star over the edge MORE: Hoda Kotb left stunned by Jenna Bush Hager's spectacular on-air appearanceJenna started off by hilariously expressing just how hot she found a British accent, heavily exhaling and even biting on her hand which was clenched in a fist. Her co-anchor was quick to agree, saying: "There's just something about a British accent… There's something so refined."Then the mother-of-three added even more accents to the tally that she found attractive, exhaling between each one: "Irish… Australian…" before the two disagreed about their liking of a French accent, or lack thereof, in Jenna's case.The discussion grew even more candid when Hoda had a frank admission for her co-star, and a somewhat saucy revelation!A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)The candid conversationShe explained: "I think sexiness sometimes isn't the most beautiful man." She began to reminisce about how once a stranger on the street took her breath away.
Al Roker shares heartfelt advice following shocking Oscars night: 'I struggle with that every day'
Al Roker seems to have something to say regarding the shocking moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars after he made an insensitive comment about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair.MORE: Amy Schumer releases statement about Will Smith and Chris Rock: 'So disturbing'The Today Show host is the latest star to join in on the contentious conversations and debates happening around the unexpected altercation.The most recent people to release statements about what happened are Amy Schumer, who hosted the Academy Awards alongside fellow comedian Wanda Sykes and actress Regina Hall, as well as Chris' brother, Tony Rock.WACH: The shocking moment people can't stop talking aboutMORE: Chris Rock's brother gives update on comedian following Will Smith Oscars altercationNow Al is offering some very sound advice to Will and fans, using Aretha Franklin's iconic 1968 song, Think, to deliver the message.The beloved weatherman used Thursday's daily video update, which he typically records as he gets his steps in early in the morning, to offer an important lesson.As he walked on his treadmill in his basement, Al started off by saying: "Word from Aretha, think about it, before you do something, think about it," as the hit song played in the background.