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Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster wants more female police officers to keep women safe
Loose Women star - wife of singer Sir Rod Stewart - said having more females on the beat would help reassure other women.Penny, 51, who made her first arrest last week since becoming a special constable with City Of London Police two years ago (2020), urged others to volunteer for duty so they too can make a difference.Forces across Britain introduced safer streets campaigns to help women feel better protected following the murder of marketing executive Sarah Everard by serving Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens, 49.He is serving a whole life sentence after abducting, raping and killing the 33-year-old as she walked home from a pal’s house in south London last March (2021).Penny completed her training a month later (April 21) after being inspired to volunteer following an appearance in Channel 4 show Famous and Fighting Crime.She said getting more women on patrol was key to making others feel protected."I’m really hoping for women to come forward and volunteer because we need that variation in the force to represent the public and to make women in particular feel safe,’’ she said."I feel so humbled that taking on this position myself has encouraged other women who maybe thought it wasn’t possible to give them that step up."I thought, ‘Is it possible? Could I really? Yeah, why not?’ The path is actually an easy route to take if you’ve got that time to give."It really is worthwhile. It’s so important."Penny added: "Everyone, I imagine, who is in the fortunate position that we are in wants to give back.
'Pervert' killer cop Wayne Couzens has an X-Box in his cell for 'good behaviour'
HMP Franklin in Durham for the brutal murder of Sarah Everard, has been allowed to install an Xbox 360 in his cell thanks to his “good behaviour” in jail over the past six months.Couzens is believed to have bought the £165 game console himself under the prison service incentive scheme.The scheme allows privileges to lags in exchange for sticking to prison rules, taking part in work or other activities, or helping other prisoners or staff.A Prison Service spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Star that Couzens did have the device, which would have been specially modified to prevent misuse.They added: “Incentives schemes encourage good behaviour and prevent violence against staff”A source inside the jail told The Sun that having the games console and a TV of his own was probably the right decision as “It’s probably best for [Couzens] that he stays in his cell away from all the other cons anyway”.However, the former Diplomatic Protection officer is said to have complained that he hasn’t been allowed to buy “shoot ‘em up” games such as Call of Duty and Gears of War.The prison source said that it was “pretty sick” that Couzens wanted to play violent games.Couzens appears to have a lifelong fascination with guns and weaponry.Warwick Lewis, who was at school with Couzens, recalled that he “was not a nice kid,” and on one occasion had shot another pupil in the groin with an air pistol.“There was one occasion where we were at Wayne’s…” Mr Lewis told the Daily Mail. “He produced an airgun that was his dad's, an old Western-type revolver.“Out of the blue he shot [another pupil] in the nuts.
Where is Wayne Couzens now? What happened to Sarah Everard's murderer
Sarah Everard, who went missing on March 3, 2021.Sarah's tragic death caused outrage in London and across the country, particularly after it was discovered that she was murdered by Wayne Couzens, a serving Met Police officer.Couzens' conviction, the rough dispersal of a vigil for Sarah on Clapham Common, as well as a number of other scandals in which sexist Whatsapp conversations revealed widespread inappropriate behaviour within the force, ultimately led to a loss of confidence in the Met.Recently, Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick was forced to resign by London Mayor Sadiq Khan after yet more scandals involving police officers surfaced.The Met said: "There have been other murders of women in public spaces, including the Sabina Nessa, and very recently of Sabina Nessa. All of these bring into sharp focus our urgent duty to do more to protect women and girls." An inquiry by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) recently found "disgraceful" misogyny within the force that was not "simply the behaviour of a few 'bad apples'."Couzens is now behind bars, the rapist and murderer sentenced to life in prison without parole inside HMP Frankland.The jail is in County Durham and has also housed the notorious murderers Harold Shipman and Ian Huntley.In September 2021, Couzens challenged his sentence in an appeal that is likely to take place in May this year and is expected to argue that his actions did not warrant a whole life sentence.His sentence was described as setting new legal ground as he was given a life term for the murder of one person.
Cressida Dick resignation sparks hilarious #DickOut Twitter reaction
Metropolitan Police has sparked a hilarious Twitter reaction full of #DickOut tweets.The shock announcement came just hours after she said she had "absolutely no intention" of resigning.London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he is "not satisfied" Dame Cressida can "root out the racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, discrimination and misogyny that still exist" in the force.It comes after Scotland Yard has been rocked by multiple scandals in recent months, including the force's handling of partygate, Sarah Everard's murder and a culture of misogyny and racism.Twitter users didn't miss the opportunity to make jokes based around the former Commissioner's surname, with #DickOut trending.One user wrote: "Dick out. Now get the Johnson out", while another added: "Let’s celebrate Cressida Dick’s resignation by getting our #DicksOut."A third commented: "Cressida has gone #dicksout No wait that hashtag looks wrong", while a fourth said: "Looks like #DicksOut tonight lads".The Mayor said in a statement: “Last week, I made clear to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner the scale of the change I believe is urgently required to rebuild the trust and confidence of Londoners in the Met and to root out the racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, discrimination and misogyny that still exists.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here."I am not satisfied with the Commissioner’s response.