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Chris Ramsey jokes he'll smash up Tipping Point machine before tense final round

Tipping Point arcade machine if it didn't co-operate with him during Saturday's episode of the ITV gameshow.Host Ben Shephard was on hand to introduce the episode's contestants, with model and presenter Vogue Williams and MasterChef star Gregg Wallace joining comedian Chris.Chris, 35, explained in his self-introduction that he was from South Shields, so if the coin dropping machine didn't go his way, he'd have no issue smashing it up."My name’s Chris Ramsey, I’m a stand up comedian from South Shields," he started."Now, in South Shields we’ve got a very specific way of dealing with machines like this."Basically, in a nut shell, if the machine’s not paying out, I will just smash it up."And it sounds like the machine might have heard him,

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