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Nightclub staff in stitches after unusual find in reveller's bag

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One woman left nightclub staff in stitches after she left the most unusual item inside her handbag - aiming to ensure she wouldn't go hungry at the end of the nightTo avoid queuing up for a kebab or pizza like any other reveller, the person came ready prepared with a portion of cooked and seasoned fries in her clutch - then forgot to take the bag with her.

As staff at Atik in Wrexham discovered, the hungry guest packed the pre-prepared portion of chips in her bag, reports the Mirror.

A staff member took to social media platform TikTok to explain: "Someone's just handed this cute little bag into the bar. So I thought I'd have a little look, see if there's an ID in there or anything like that."It's just full of chips," the shocked worker exclaimed, as she filmed inside the bag, chuckling at the same time.In good news for potato fans, the laughs didn't stop there, as viewers were quick to share jokes.ding to the viral video, which has racked up over 19,000 likes, one jokester wrote: "Planning to use chip n pin instead of cash."A second quipped: "Maybe the person was on the way to a casino," while a third added: "Everyone should chip in to help her find it."Meanwhile, someone else claimed: "That's mine.

I also had two sachets of mayonnaise in there! Ha ha."It appears the practice isn't that unusual, however.One person commented: "Omg.

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