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Leonard Nimoy’s son reveals ‘Star Trek’ actor ‘butted heads with everybody’ — but not like ‘Mommie Dearest’

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The Most Human: Reconciling With My Father, Leonard Nimoy,” available starting Tuesday, June 4. “Like Spock, Dad was not the warm and fuzzy type,” Adam writes about Leonard, who died in 2015 at age 83, and the iconic half-human, half-Vulcan role that he played for three seasons in the original 1966-1969 series and six movie sequels, as well as J.J.

Abrams’ more recent series of film reboots. “Dad had trouble expressing his feelings toward me except when it came to disappointment and anger,” Adam, a recovering alcoholic, confesses in the memoir, sadly adding that “all conflict ended up in anger, resentment, and frustration.

We simply had no constructive way to talk about stuff, and I could often sense his disappointment with me, that in his eyes, I didn’t measure up.”He constantly struggled with “trying to get him to be the father I wanted him to be,” he writes.When disagreements arose — whether at home or on set — it often was futile to hope for a positive resolution. “He butted heads with everybody.

You don’t f–k with Leonard. You just don’t. He does not take prisoners,” Adam told The Post. “He can get angry real fast. And there was no way I was ever going to win with him.”Adam understands that realization could surprise some of his dad’s longtime fans.“One of my favorite stories is when I had one of these knock-down, drag-outs with my dad, and then I went to the cleaners to get my shirts,” he said. “And when the guy found out I was related to Leonard Nimoy, he just went on and on about how great Leonard Nimoy was.

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