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'Kung Fu' Star Olivia Liang Talks Finale Cliffhanger and Teases Season 2 (Exclusive)

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?After successfully bringing down her archenemy, Zhilan, in an epic finale showdown, the unlikely heroine took the the first steps in embracing her warrior path.

But while Nicky may have a temporary respite from the roller-coaster chase of ensuring the power of the eight weapons didn't fall into the wrong hands, her journey is far from over.

In the last moments of the season's final episode, Russell Tan delivered a stern warning to Nicky and those around her: Zhilan wasn't the one she should've been worried about.

It turns out that someone even more formidable -- and in her bloodline — is coming for her.«She's been through a lot,» star Olivia Liang told ET of Nicky's rocky journey so far. «I think it's going to be really gratifying.

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