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Katrina and the Waves star shares awkward wardrobe malfunction during Eurovision win

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Eurovision performance back in 1997.Just days away from the Eurovision final set to take place on Saturday (May 14), the 62-year-old joined Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on the This Morning sofa to celebrate 25 years since she won the annual song contest.As she joined the dynamic duo on the popular ITV daytime show, the blonde bombshell admitted that her now famous ensemble was completely constructed moments before she was due on stage.She confessed how her bright neon “smelly green shirt” was pulled from a Cambridge market earlier that day after she discovered she didn’t have anything to wear for the contest.As she gushed over her surprising success on the show with her now famous song Love Shine A Light, Katrina admitted that she did not enjoy her memorable ensemble which she ultimately donated to charity months later.When asked what she remembered most about her winning performance, she recalled: “That smelly green shirt that I bought from the Cambridge market that could walk onto the stage itself and had – you know how a tree has rings to age it?

It had sweat rings to age it.“We couldn’t find an outfit and we had stylists coming to meet Geri Halliwell [with] union flag dresses, so I wore that outfit for the whole week and they [the stylist’s] said, ‘Just wear that green shirt, that thing that you were wearing’, and I said, ‘Well okay’.”But that wasn’t the only issue with her standout outfit, as the singer went on to explain that the blazer she layered over her shirt only had one shoulder pad in it.Kristina added: “The trouble with the jacket is it only had one shoulder pad so I had to remember not only to sing in tune and in time but I also had to remember to sing like this [mimes singing with one shoulder.

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