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Jennifer Garner Offered the Shoes Off Her Feet to an Unhoused Individual

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at her home in lieu of a typical 50th birthday party back in 2022, continued her volunteer work in Santa Monica on September 17.

In a video shared by , Garner could be seen offering a bag of supplies to an unhoused individual from her car before realizing that the wheelchair user was barefoot.In the video taken by a paparazzi—which did raise some online—Garner can be seen exiting her vehicle to help the unidentified man into a pair of socks before offering him her own shoes from her feet.

However, upon realizing that her sneakers would not fit him, the actor used the celebrity photographer's presence to her advantage, running up to the pap and asking for his shoe size.

Upon learning that the photographer wears a size 11, she asked to purchase the shoes from him on the spot. The photographer, whose name is Eric, later offered the unhoused man a blanket from his car.While some users questioned the photographer's presence, noting that Garner , it's worth pointing out that while many celebrities do call the paparazzi on themselves, others are still .

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