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Jane Fonda and the 'too far' facelift

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the ‘too far face’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a tweak, nip, tuck and even a well-researched facelift when the time is right, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

In our house these ‘too far’ celebrities are known as (sorry, Madonna): “The artist formerly known as….”In a recent interview with American Vogue Jane Fonda, the 85-year-old star of Grace & Frankie, said that women should not fear ageing.

Admitting that she’d had a facelift, but has stopped having ‘work’ done because she doesn’t want to look “distorted”, I say three cheers for her honesty.

No matter what I think of Fonda’s face, which has increasingly looked a little ‘overdone’ as the years have gone by, I admire her openness about a topic so few are happy to talk about.Like so many actresses in Hollywood, Fonda's looks have always been held in the same regard as her talent, and for stars like her, having a facelift is standard procedure.

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