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Ioan Gruffudd makes red carpet debut with girlfriend Bianca Wallace at MS charity event

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Bianca had spoken out about her own MS diagnosis in January, revealing it had left her unable to walk at times. She admitted she ‘lived in fear’ of speaking about it publicly, telling the Daily Mail at the SMS Battles Quiz for the MS society on Thursday: ‘I wasn’t sure when the moment would come for me to open up about my diagnosis.  ‘Like so many others I lived in fear of what would happen if people found out.

I could have never predicted the overwhelming response that came with my post. ‘Hearing how much I have already helped so many others on their own journey is why I will do whatever I can to support this cause.  ‘You never truly know how much you can help change lives until you do. ’Bianca had been diagnosed in 2018 and told her followers earlier this year: ‘I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form, it was aggressive in nature and it came on hard and fast. ’She had been working in accounting at the time and was taken to A&E when she went to pick up a pen and realised she couldn’t.

Bianca revealed: ‘Within a few weeks I couldn’t walk any more, the entirety of my right side was completely wiped out. ’She added that she gets tremors in her hands, explaining: ‘I deal with a lot of drama because of the diagnosis.

I go blind in my left eye, I have botox to lift it up. My entire right side has nerve damage. ‘During periods of high stress and high negative emotion, I lose my walk.

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