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How Alyssa Farah Griffin Really Feels About Whoopi Goldberg’s Shocking Pregnancy Question On The View!

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Could we see a new feud forming on The View all thanks to Whoopi Goldberg’s shocking pregnancy question for Alyssa Farah Griffin this week?

ICYMI, the hosts were talking about Mitt Romney’s decision not to seek another term as Senator on Thursday’s show when Whoopi suddenly stopped mid-sentence and asked whether or not Alyssa was pregnant.

The question stunned her 34-year-old co-host, who quickly denied the accusation. She even attempted to laugh off the situation, joking: Related: Joy Behar Refused To Film  Segment With Jersey Shore Cast Over Snooki Feud No matter what anyone said to fix the situation, the whole thing was awkward AF to watch!

You never ask a woman that Whoopi! Ever! But what does Alyssa have to say about the matter? Is she furious over what went down on live television?

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