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Paris Fury’s vow renewal plans: ‘Tyson wants a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’

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In just a few short weeks, Paris and Tyson Fury have become TV's new golden couple.Their Netflix TV show, At Home With The Furys, was only released back in mid-August, but it seems everyone's fallen in love with the latest reality stars after they opened up their Morecambe mansion – complete with six children – to the cameras.The docu-series may have given an insight into the family's hectic and chaotic life, but one thing is clear for all to see – the huge amount of love that exists between Loose Women star Paris, 33, and her boxing world champion husband Tyson, 35, who recently welcomed their seventh child, adorably called Prince Rico Paris Fury, known as Rico.

The pair met at a mutual friend's wedding, when Tyson was 17 and an unknown boxer, and Paris was 15.They were introduced by Tyson's Aunt Theresa, who's known as the matchmaker in the family.

Remembering the occasion, Paris told the Irish Mirror: "She said to Tyson: ‘Come and meet this young lady’. I lifted my head and I was expecting to see someone at eye level because I’m not small myself, I’m five foot eight. “I remember thinking, ‘Whose this old man you’re introducing me to?’ “He had a full beard, and was built like a machine.

I thought, ‘You’re not a young boy… I’m going… You’ve introduced me to an old man.’” Yet fast forward 15 years and the couple live their own happily married life complete with seven children.

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