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Gran 'hasn't had hot meal for seven weeks due to fly infestation in flat'

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A grandmother claims that has not been able enjoy a hot meal in seven weeks due to a fruit fly infestation in her flat.Joy McClenaghan, 64, claims that her flat became riddled with 'hundreds of flies' after a sewer pipe broke in her kitchen on March 5.

Joy said that the leak led to the floor of her Oldbury apartment becoming flooded with water and flies began seeping into her two-bedroom home, Birmingham Live reports.She said that she has not been able to get rid of the insects since then and states that they are congregating in her kitchen - which she can no longer use to cook food.Ms McClenaghan said that the pests are crawling all over her window sill, on her chopping boards and cupboards.The little insects even got into her toaster and microwave, so she had to buy a new one of each, to prevent herself from getting ill as the flies 'carry bacteria'.The gran moved into her flat, located at Burnett House in Lovett Avenue, in November, sharing it with her little dog.

She likes the flat but says her life has become a "misery" from the infestation.She said: "They are just none stop. I am already depressed, I have got conditions and I am disabled."I haven't had a cooked meal in seven weeks.

These fruit flies carry loads of bacteria and everything - so it needs cleaning in there. I am not going to use my kitchen. They are from the sewer.

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