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Fourth UK airport scraps 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage as more to follow

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A major airport in the UK has become the fourth to lift limits on liquids and electronic devices in hand luggage. Bristol Airport is the latest to install new security scanners which removes the need for travellers to follow strict 100ml liquid rules and place them inside clear plastic bags.

It also means passengers will no longer need to remove electronic devices such as laptops while passing through security. The Next Generation Security Checkpoint (NGSC) Scanners were set to be rolled out across major airports in the UK ahead of this summer with the government setting a nominal deadline of June 1, but many had to be granted extensions - including Manchester Airport - with some not rolling out the new technology until 2025.

Aberdeen, Teesside and London City Airports have all installed the machines which use 3D scanning technology, and they have seen queue times cut by 50 per cent after the scanners came in removing the need for manual bag checking.

Now Bristol Airport has joined them.  READ MORE: Scam warning to passengers charging phones in airports Thanks to the new scanners passengers will be able to carry bottles containing up to two litres of liquid in their hand luggage.

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