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Ela Minus returns with blissed-out new single ‘COMBAT’

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Ela Minus has shared her blissed-out new single ‘COMBAT’, marking her first release in four years.The four-minute and 21 second track starts off low and soft and builds up to a cacophony of techno-aligned production and new-age synths.

The track also features a quartet of woodwinds, marking the first time the Colombian producer and singer has written and recorded with acoustic instruments.‘COMBAT’ is very spacey until Minus’s soft vocals come in towards the end of the track.

She pairs the soft, ambient music with intense lyrics: “We are the birds that only know life inside a cage / And nothing scares us / They thought we would forget how to fly / They thought we wouldn’t dare to take a leap…hahaha,” singing in Spanish.Speaking about the song in a press release, Minus said: “The foundation of ‘COMBAT’ comes from a recorded performance I did a few years ago.

It was then that I improvised the chord progression that became the soul of the song.”She continued: “Jesse Scheinin did a beautiful performance of the woodwinds I wrote for it.

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