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Daughter's traumatic five-year fight to prove parents were killed by holiday bed bug spray

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A woman whose parents died after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning at a luxury Egypt hotel has told how she is still traumatised by the tragedy after a five year fight for answers.Kelly Ormerod's parents, John and Susan Cooper, died in 2018 during a family holiday.

This month, a British inquest concluded fumes from a pesticide being used to kill bed bugs caused fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Medics in Egypt had previously told Kelly her parents died in a suicide pact and then an Egyptian probe into their harrowing deaths said they were caused by E.

coli, the Mirror reports.Devastated Kelly, 46, is now urging people to seek specialist help amid a surge of bed bugs in the UK and has warned people not to treat the problem themselves.The single mum-of-three said: “I still suffer from the trauma of seeing them die in such a dreadful way.

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