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Christian Nodal’s girlfriend Cazzu reveals what she thinks about Belinda

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Christian Nodal and Belinda had one of the most notorious break ups in recent memory. Now that the Mexican singer is in a serious relationship with Cazzu, the media is convinced that there is a rivalry between her and Belinda.

In an appearance on the show “Sientese Quien Pueda,” Cazzu laid those rumors to rest. Cazzu and Christian Nodal share the stage for the first time!

The couple performed in GuadalajaraChristian Nodal and Cazzu could be expecting their first baby - ReportWhen speaking about the reports of a feud between herself and Belinda, Cazzu said that a lot of them came from people with bad intentions. “A lot of those comments are charged with bad intent,” she said in Spanish. “She (Belinda) is an incredible artist, has a much longer and bigger career than I do.” Cazzu also revealed that she grew up listening to Belinda’s music and that she respects her a lot. “I grew up listening to her music, I have so much respect for her.

I love her music and her choreography. People can say a lot of things but I respect her and her art.” Cazzu also talked about her relationship with Christian Nodal and how supportive he is of her.

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