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Camilo Talks Collaborating With Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh For ‘Palpita’: ‘Such An Adventure’

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ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier recently caught up with Colombian singer Camilo, who discussed his recent collaboration with Punjabi singer-songwriter Diljit Dosanjh, the single “Palpita”. “Palpita” was an instant hit and has garnered close to 9 million views since its release. “Well, it was such an adventure of course,” Camilo said. “I’ve been following him for a long time.

But we live very far from each other. So being able to be in the studio with him, create this from scratch, [from] an idea of a song, trying to communicate with each other in English – because I don’t speak Punjabi and he doesn’t speak Spanish and we hardly speak English – it’s like such an adventure, like exploring the sounds of his music and my music, his roots and my roots… It’s been one of my favourite moments in the studio.

It was crazy.” ‌In fact, Camilo admitted that combining their cultural differences was a big part of why they decided to collaborate in the first place. “I mean, being able to explore the identity of two very different human beings and starting to discover that we’re not that different… Starting to discover that the respect and the reverence and the love was the common area where we could meet,” he explained. READ MORE: Selena Gomez And Camilo Drop ‘999’ Music Video ‌”I mean, the rhythm of the song is actually a little like the music of my country… the six-eight kind of feel, there’s something like that in my country but it’s far away from the sound of my country.

It’s still very far away from the sound of his roots because they have this kind of sound in the south of India. But he’s Punjabi (in northern India), so this is very far away from his identity too.

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