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Astronomer explains one thing you should avoid if an asteroid is hurtling towards Earth

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asteroid is found to be heading towards Earth.Professor Alan Duffy, director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute Professor has said that if a giant boulder of space rock is hurtling our way, "don't look at it".Duffy gave the obvious-sounding advice to the I've Got News For You podcast.He said: "I would say the best advice is, for goodness sake, do not look at this thing."I mean, it‘s going to be hard not to – the brightness of the glare from these objects burning up in the atmosphere."That‘s actually what caused a lot of the injuries in Chelyabinsk (a meteor strike in Russia in 2013), people not unreasonably looked up at this enormous burning fireball in the sky, whose brightness was essentially that of the Sun by the time it.

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