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Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates US citizenship anniversary with a sweet slideshow

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has long been a patriot. The action star and politician celebrated his 40th anniversary as an American citizen by sharing a video filled with images taken over the course of his life, and some of his greatest achievements, including his tenure as governor of the state of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares moving tribute following the death of his senseiArnold Schwarzenegger gives us a pet update, featuring his donkey, pig and dogA post shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger)The video is made up of photos of Schwarzenegger posing alongside American icons like Sylvester Stallone, or wearing various iterations of red, white and blue.

He includes images of himself taking the oath of U.S. Citizenship, which occurred in 1983, when he was 36 years old. There are also photos of himself when he was a young boy, as a voice over recorded by him discusses his childhood dream of visiting America and then his pride over having become a citizen. “On this day 40 years ago, I became an American citizen.

It is one of the proudest days of my life,” he captioned the post. “I owe everything to America. Born in Austria, Made in America!”“My fellow Americans, this an amazing moment for me.

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