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Another PETA Protestor Crashed a Fashion Show, And People Are Applauding How Security Handled It

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here). But while earlier activists carried aggressive signs and looked like, well, normal not-model people, the group's 2023 tactics are much better.

This year, they're sending sign-carrying women, who are built and styled like models, down the runways to display their message, not confront anyone…and the girls can walk.At New York Fashion Week, a blonde , but was dragged away by security.

It's unclear from the video if she or they initiated the struggle, but it did seem like a rather forceful move to stop someone who was, actually, not even interrupting the other models! (PS – What happened to the woman in the body paint?)This content can also be viewed on the site it from.But in London, things went a lot smoother.

Another PETA activist crashed another venue—this time Burberry for show—and an experienced security guy, perhaps chastened by the kerfuffle at Coach, expertly hooked his arm around her waist and steered her out of the area without causing a scene.This content can also be viewed on the site it from.“someone give this smooth security guard a raise,” commented one viewer on of the incident. “Ok British security is way nicer than US security.

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