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Amy Schumer reveals why she fired her Doula Domino Kirke during postpartum recovery

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Amy Schumer has admitted that she fired actor Penn Badgley's wife Domino Kirke as her doula shortly after giving birth, because she felt insecure having a 'goddess floating around her home' while she recovered from her C-section.The 41-year-old comedian made the confession to Kirke's husband while appearing on his podcast, Podcrushed, in which she explained to the You star, 35, that she felt 'so vulnerable' in the wake of her son's birth, she didn't have the 'strength' to have Kirke, 38, continue working with her.Schumer - who revealed earlier this year that she had undergone liposuction in a bid to boost her confidence - described Kirke as a 'family member', having hired her during her pregnancy in order to help her through the labor and delivery process.However, following the birth of her son Gene, now three, in May 2019, something changed.‘The truth was, and this is pretty unfair to [Domino], after I had Gene, I was recovering from a C-section,' she told Badgley.'Domino is like a goddess.

She’s an actual floating siren around the house. And she’s so just lovely, and when she touches you, like you just kind of melt.

She was really a family member.’ Amy Schumer has revealed that she fired Penn Badgley's wife Domino Kirke as her doula after giving birth because she felt 'vulnerable' having a 'goddess' working in her house while she recovered from a C-section Schumer, 41, admitted during an appearance on Badgley's podcast that her treatment of Kirke, 38, was 'unfair', adding that she had become like a 'family member' before her son Gene's birthReflecting on the insecurities she felt at the time, the I Feel Pretty star continued: ‘I just felt so vulnerable.

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