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Will Brie Larson Play Captain Marvel Again? Star Teases Future Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Brie Larson isn’t ready to hang up Captain Marvel‘s iconic suit just yet. The 34-year-old actress entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in her 2019 solo movie before reprising her role in Avengers: Endgame.

She’s back in action alongside Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris in the newly released movie The Marvels.

During a recent interview, Brie was asked about her future in the MCU, and she had some good news. Read more about Brie Larson’s MCU future… “I think there is still so much inside of Carol,” she told ET. “I feel like getting to be on this team just cracked her open in a way that she hadn’t been and I really loved that for her.” Brie continued, explaining, “I just loved her letting the shoulders drop a little bit, and not need to feel like all the responsibility was on her.

So I think that there is just so much more to go.” “She is just a great character to continue to grow with,” she told the outlet. “It’s like, as I am growing she is growing.” By the sounds of it, Brie isn’t alone in wanting Captain Marvel’s story to continue. “I don’t want Marvel to come for me,” she said, teasing, “But there is something.

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